Strange Fruit pt. 5: Jackfruit

In Michigan, where I’m from, we have large fruit; watermelons and pumpkins for example can reach great size. Sensibly, these fruits grow on trailing vines, right on the ground. But imagine a fruit that size that grows suspended from a tree! Aiee! Maybe it’s called Jackfruit because it will jack you up if it lands […]

Puteri Santubong

Mount Santubong is the subject of a local legend that was put to song. Brother Affendi kindly chased down the lyrics. I’ve supplied a translation for your reading pleasure. Puteri Santubong, Puteri Sejinjang, Penjaga gunung negeri Sarawak, Manis sik ada dapat dilawan, Anak dak dewa turun kayangan. Princess Santubong, Princess Sejinjang, Spirits of the mountain […]

Embrace Our Lifestyle

Introducing: Three Roods Farm! Those of you in greater Southeast Michigan now have a single source for a subscription garden, raw unpasteurized wildflower honey, organic free-range chicken eggs, chickens, ducks and lamb. O Muslims! Accommodations can be made for halal slaughter on-site for aqiqa or qurban. The subscription garden is based on the concept of […]

Marginal Nature A fascinating overview

Marginal Nature A fascinating overview of the thesis-in-progress of Kevin Anderson, a geography doctoral candidate at UT-Austin. I could spend a fortune tracking down his bibliography. A former philosophy student, he’s able to tackle the big questions, like “what is nature?”, that I only daydream about till my head hurts. He describes his own background […]

MNRTF Ballot Passed The link

MNRTF Ballot Passed The link is to Rails to Trails, a very hardwording non-profit boosting trail initiatives nationwide. If you visit parks in Michigan, be they local, county or state, you’ve benefited from the MNRTF. There’s hardly a single significant park acquisition or expansion that hasn’t been partly funded through this program. I voted for […]