Forgotten Detroit This is a

Forgotten Detroit This is a very nicely designed site that showcases ruins and vacant buildings of Detroit. The photography is excellent, and the commentary is well-informed, too. I was always aware of the vacant lots, junkyards, burned down and abandoned homes that are all over Detroit. Even downtown has gaping holes where buildings once were. […]

Do you enjoy staring out

Do you enjoy staring out the window during your commute or while on vacation? Chances are pretty good you are gazing on land that is managed by state, county or city road departments. How they choose to manage that land directly influences what kind of experience you have on your commute. I remember as a […]

More from

More from Planting has become an intensely political act. Palestinians are continuously planting olive groves to secure ownership of land not built on; Israel does the same, but with faster-growing pine trees. These kinds of trees became undeclared symbols of the two national groups’ ownership claims. In both cases planting is replaced by construction […]

Landscape Planning in the Occupied

Landscape Planning in the Occupied Territories This is an amazing presentation. The aerial imagery is so powerful because it is apolitical. The land reveals the utter absurdity of the occupation without a single word being said. Who designs the fortress-homes of the Israeli settlements? Who engineers the Israeli-only infrastructure that enables occupation? Professional architects and […]