Take a moment and visit a wonderful site on the language, culture and history of Trengganu: Kecek-kecek. Kecek-kecek is the home of one Awang Goneng, who introduces himself thusly: Awang Goneng was born at a very young age, has drifted beyond the shores of Trengganu, and is feeling a crick in the neck from constantly… More Kecek-kecek

Blog Depression

Blog Depression: A public service announcement. Funny stuff from The Nonist. Of course the material in that pamphlet has nothing to do with my hiatus. No, nothing at all. The fifth child definitely has marked a change in our household. Each child brought its own thing, but with this one it is different. The house… More Blog Depression


**This is not an abandoned weblog** Whoo, this month has been unbelieveably hectic, next month looks about the same. Planes, trains and automobiles; two jobs but no paycheck for 4 months; buying a house; finishing a PhD (that’s the wife but I feel her pain); maid problems; and more! I doubt I’ll be posting much… More P.S.A.

Path of the Paddle

Ikram Saeed from Canada keeps a blog called Path of the Paddle. If you’ve got the war on your mind, but you can’t take anymore news, check out his peice on war poetry. He’s pulled together a lot of good stuff, including poetic Rumsfeld declamations. He asks, Why isn’t there famous modern English language war… More Path of the Paddle

Unqualified Offerings

I had seen Jim Henley’s site in other people’s blogrolls and loved the name. It’s one thing I can’t manage to do, to present an unqualified offering. Writing for the web on any subject at all can be paralyzing when you consider everybody who could possibly stumble on your site. So I find myself qualifying… More Unqualified Offerings

Zack’s Blog

Zack of Procrastination backs up my assertion about wahhabism and discontented youth and adds some of his own thoughts. He calls them “born-agains”, which made me chuckle. I spent my junior year in high school carpooling with a born-again kid big on christian rock. OK, I’m not mocking the faith. Or the sincerity. I’m mocking… More Zack’s Blog


Al-Muhajabah was kind enough to add my page to the list of links at her extensive, worthwhile website. JazakAllah Khayr. I’m more than happy to return the favor. Among the offerings at her site are links to dozens of muslim blogs; plenty to surf through if you are looking for individual rather than institutional muslim… More Veiled4Allah