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These entries are dedicated to chronicling the growth of Ailanthus altissima in cultural consciousness. Simply put, I’m collecting any reference to the tree in art, literature, movies, music, etc. and putting it on the web. I also may include ecology of the tree, but it’s not my principal focus. Why am I doing this? People […]


‘THANK YOU FOR FINANCING GLOBAL TERROR’ Oh, this is funny. Far more clever than the “I helped a terrorist buy guns” anti-drug spots the government was running. Here in Detroit, though, all the gas stations are owned by muslims. I can just see somebody missing the joke, flying off the handle and hurting an attendant, […]

Forgotten Detroit This is a

Forgotten Detroit This is a very nicely designed site that showcases ruins and vacant buildings of Detroit. The photography is excellent, and the commentary is well-informed, too. I was always aware of the vacant lots, junkyards, burned down and abandoned homes that are all over Detroit. Even downtown has gaping holes where buildings once were. […]

PittsburghLIVE.com – A call for

PittsburghLIVE.com – A call for jihad — special reports from the Pittsburgh Trib The Pittsburgh Tribune published more than a half-dozen articles on jihadi activity in the Pittsburgh area. Each one is enough to be deeply troubling on its own. Read together, they are damning. I won’t quote from the pieces at length, but one […]