Masihkah Kau Ingat

Sekuntum bunga itu
Sekuntum bunga itu

Masihkah Kau Ingat by Kopratasa,
a Malaysian popular music trio active in the late 1980s. This was perhaps their biggest hit, and still receives a lot of play on Malaysian radio.

Give it a listen:
Kopratasa – Masihkah Kau Ingat

[two_first]English translation by
Bin Gregory Productions.

Do you remember still
That single moment where
A blossom full in bloom
I placed within your hair

Do you remember still
Transformed into a dream
Longing to be with you
Do you remember still

Do you remember still
As we ran and ran
To the foot of the sky
The rainbows we chased
As the rain did come to fall
Together we were drenched

Do you remember still
Do you remember still

Do you remember still
The blossom on that day
In the palm of my hand
It did wilt away
As I closed my grasp
It did turn to dust
Do you remember still

Do you remember still (repeat to fade)

Original lyrics in Bahasa Malaysia:

Masihkah kau ingat
Pada waktu itu sekuntum bunga mekar
Kuselit ke rambutmu

Masihkah kau ingat
Ia menjadi mimpi
dan menjadi rindu
Masihkah kau ingat

Masihkah kau ingat
kita berlari-lari
di kaki langit
mencari pelangi
lalu hujan turun
kita basah bersama

Masihkah kau ingat
Masihkah kau ingat

Masihkah kau ingat
sekuntum bunga itu
Ditapak tangan ini
Ia menjadi layu
Lalu kugengam
ia menjadi debu
Masihkah kau ingat
Masihkah kau ingat

Masihkah kau ingat(8x)



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Hidupnya Insan

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My favorite definition of poetry is “Compact Emotion”. So when I found that my translations are mulitiplying the word count at least three or five times, I knew right there I’m losing something. This is the last of the lyrical pieces on the “Pelita Hidup” album, and for me it was the hardest. I think I’ll go back to nursery rhymes after this; it’s more at my level. Anyone know where to get lyrics for “Bangau O Bangau”?

Hijjaz – Hidupnya Insan

Hidupnya insan
Tiada yang abadi
Menunggu saat panggilan azali
Hilanglah nafas tak bergerak lagi
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This worldly life
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Lose your breath, no more movement
In the cemetery soil we rest

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