Raja Ali Haji’s Gurindam 12 | Episode 20

Gurindam Dua Belas is a Malay poem written in rhyming couplets with free meter. It has 12 parts, each dealing with a different pasal, or issue. It was composed by Raja Ali Haji (1808-1873), an intellectual of the Riau-Lingga court best known for his history Tuhfat al-Nafis (the Precious Gift).

Bila Mitos Malas Bermula | Episod 16

Apakah dinyatakan oleh penjajah dalam rekod sejarah tentang Melayu malas? Bilakah mitos bermula? Apakah keadaan masyarakat Melayu pada peringkat awal penjajahan?  Dengarlah jawapan Syed Hussein Alatas.

Mitos Melayu Malas, Intro | Episod 15

Dari mana datang persepsi bahawa Melayu satu bangsa yang malas? Bolehkah sesuatu yang kerap diulang lama-lama menjadi haqiqat? Teman anda yang setia ini mencuba jawab soalan ini dan lain lagi yang berkait dengan mitos melayu malas, berdasar buku The Myth of the Lazy Native by Syed Hussein Alatas.

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Jalan Retak


It is with inordinate pride I announce the completion of my first novel in Bahasa Melayu, Jalan Retak by A. Samad Said.

Written for middle-school students, Jalan Retak is a 70-page portrait of a widower who tries to emotionally support two grandchildren coping with a broken home. The widower counsels his son but without obvious results, and the children return to boarding school unsure if they will come home for the next holiday. Melancholy and tender, the story ends unresolved with tears at the train station.

More importantly, I was able to comprehend the action and read through it at a good pace while picking up some vocabulary here and there. I’m ready for the next Malay novel.  Jalan Retak hari ini, Hujan Pagi sebelum mati!