Stryker’s War

I’ve boasted before about how Sam Raimi directed the nintendo commercial I was in, but it wasn’t the only time we were both involved in a production.  He and I both starred in a movie!  Well, I had one line.  And he plays a villainous hippy in a bad wig.  And it wasn’t much of […]

suicide, expatriation, or revolt

The higher education bubble will not pop because student loan debt is not dischargeable.  There are no bills in congress on the horizon to address the student loan problem.  The government won’t fix it because it is making money:  Not only are student loans not a burden on the federal government, they’re a good investment. […]

Somatotypology, Craniometry and other detritus

KakNgah came home the other day asking about ectomorphic body types. Do you know about this? I’d never heard of such a thing. Apparently her teacher took some time out of class to tell the students about the Three Body Types of Man, ectomorphic (tall and thin), endomorphic (short and chubby), and mesomorphic (the ideal […]

Country Ghetto Palm

Ailanthus was sold in nurseries across the country as the Tree-of-Heaven for many years, before its invasive qualities were recognized.  People planted them as ornamental trees not only in the cities but out in the rural areas as well.  And so it turned out that when my parents left Detroit to get in to organic […]