Wisdom to Heed

A compendium of proverbs, sayings and expressions deployed within the family for purposes general and specific.


  • “A man thinks with his generation.” – My father.
  • “Nothing is so permanent as that which is temporary” – J.P. Figa, my old boss.
  • “The test of fluency in a language is being able to tell a joke.”  – My father.  See how I’m doing at Humor Dwibahasa 
  • “Memory is an act of the imagination.”Uncle Sam, age 95.
  • “If you can convince somebody that white bread is food, you can convince him of anything.”Amiri Baraka, as heard by my father.

Amiri Baraka

Uncle Pat

  • “Never wise up a chump.” My father.
  • “The important thing is to avoid being crushed under the wheel of history.”My father.
  • “Poverty is not a virtue.”My father.
  • “No Culture without Agriculture.” Goviya Mudiyanse Tennekoon
  • “God saves who He wills and thrashes the rest.”Uncle Pat

  • “Scratch a liberal, strike a pig.”My father.
  • “Don’t raise a child you can’t live with.” – The late great J.B. Graham
  • “Walk fast, nobody’ll notice.”Grandpa Gene
    • Application: wardrobe malfunctions, bad haircuts, etc.
  • “Rich or poor, it’s good to have money.”Grandpa Jules
  • “Der Dreidel Dreitzach.”Grandpa Jules
    • Yiddish for “The wheel turns.”  Quite likely misspelled.

Grampa Jules


Warning: Bin Gregory Productions cannot be held responsible for consequences arising from failure to heed all this wisdom.


  • “Youth is wasted on the young.” – My father, attributed to George Bernard Shaw.
  • “Tough sledding when there’s no snow.”Grampa Gene
  • “The city, yes. The country, maybe. The suburbs, never.”My Father
    • After decades of city living, Dad did in fact move to the country to start farming.  Evidently I misheard this one growing up and moved out of the country instead.
  • “The man with the plan always wins.” – The late great J.B. Graham
  • “Follow the path that has heart.” – The late great J.B. Graham
  • “You just have to make sense to your own damn self.” – The late great J.B. Graham
  • “All wisdom comes from experience, and all experience comes from foolishness.”My Father
  • “Ain’t no fun unless the job’s done.”My Father
    • Ok, actually it is Flavor Flav, but I can’t exactly credit him when I’m dispensing wisdom to my children, can I?

Additional wisdom for the ages will be preserved at the top of the list as circumstances warrant.