Malay Garment Technology

Last weekend featured the most exciting Malaysian cultural event I’ve heard of in a long time:  a flash mob of people wearing sarongs descended on the LRT lines in Kuala Lumpur.  I would have joined in solidarity from Kuching, but, alas, we have no trains.  We have Jalan Keretapi, but the train, tracks and station […]


Husbandry has been on my mind.  Hijabman has returned to blogging with a focus on his role as house-husband to his growing family.  An admirable occupation and one to which I aspire! Not everyone thinks so.  The idea of a man giving up his career to be a house-husband gets plenty of resistance, particularly among […]

Of Dukes and Datuks

Malaysia has a peerage system comparable in some respects to what is practiced in the UK, whereby Malaysians of common origins can be conferred a non-hereditary title of honor by the monarch.  Like in the UK, this is given out to exceptional artists, athletes, statesmen, men of learning, and to the exceptionally wealthy.  It gets […]