Husbandry has been on my mind.  Hijabman has returned to blogging with a focus on his role as house-husband to his growing family.  An admirable occupation and one to which I aspire! Not everyone thinks so.  The idea of a man giving up his career to be a house-husband gets plenty of resistance, particularly among muslims.  But the question isn’t whether a proper husband can be a house-husband but whether there is any other sort!  Webster says:

Husband (n): [Old Norse hus, house; + bondi, yeoman. Literally, house-holder] A manager, as of a household.  Husband (v):  To manage economically; conserve.

That sounds like holding down the house to me.  Meanwhile, to career comes from racing at great speed (and we know where haste comes from…):

Career (v): [French carriere, racecourse] To rush wildly.

I look forward to a time when I can desist from reckless careering, get back on track and hold down the house.  Greetings of peace to all the other hus-bondi and aspiring hus-bondi out there.

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