The Jungle is Neutral: Review

The Jungle is Neutral, by F. Spencer Chapman The memoir of a British lieutenant in WWII Malaya who conducts guerilla warfare against the Japanese. It’s not a very gripping story. All the successful guerrilla work takes place in the first quarter of the book, and from there on it is one long anticlimax of malaria, […]

The Road to Mecca: Review

The Road to Mecca by Muhammad Asad Asad lived an amazing life which he describes beautifully. Meetings with future kings of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iran before their ascension, espionage into Fascist-controlled Libya and British Iraq: Asad covered a lot of ground. He nests his recollections like the 1001 Nights, one scene inside the other, […]

Ambil galah jolok keranji

Pulasan grows at branch’s end Harvest keranji with a wooden rod O Man! Do not seek to be praised. Know that all praise is only for God. Ambil galah jolok keranji Buah pulasan di hujung dahan Manusia janganlah suka dipuji Segala puji kepunyaan Tuhan   As durian season peters out, a couple of marginal fruits make […]