Samuel Wooten Photography

I stumbled across a stunning collection of photographs at Journey Through Islam. Wooten has photographed from Morrocco to China. I particularly like his pictures of the village elder from China and Mali. Wooten is an unusual name, and I immediately thought he may be related to the two other Wootens I’ve heard of before, Futureman […]


Hey! I’ve added comments. They are down at the bottom of each post. Now all my dedicated readership (Hi Mom!) can leave a comment about any post that interests you. OK, mainly I do this for me, but I do it for you too! So let me know how you feel. Thank you, Haloscan.

Why I changed my mind

Why I changed my mind about water fluoridation …found on Well, after getting my you-know-what kicked at MetaFilter over mandatory vaccination, I’m glad to see some progress against the public health machine. Allopathic Medicine is not a revealed truth or a perfected science. It can and does make mistakes, even mistakes that become national […]

Bin Gregory Production #1 is

Bin Gregory Production #1 is off to Gramma’s for the week, so maybe I’ll get some time to revamp my site layout. Since I’m just starting out with all this, I might as well learn CSS rather than putting any more time into learning standard HTML. CSShark has been a great place to start for […]

*Ahem* My dear friends and

*Ahem* My dear friends and relations, my dedicated readership (Hi Mom), I am pleased to present to you Ha! I have arrived. This is by far the best ten bucks I ever spent. Please note that you can still reach this site by the mile-long comcast url for now, but in a few short […]

I’m working on a photo

I’m working on a photo tour of my old neighborhood. If I wait to until it’s complete to put something up, I’ll never post, so here is the very first installment. Pump house, rouge river, interstate and the remains of Dad’s eco-action project all to come. Stay tuned.