Dr. Jihad and the Intellectual

Dr. Jihad and the Intellectual Muslim Guerillas

Jeremiah McAuliffe had the coolest name in all of Rock Music, hands down. I’d learn to play an instrument if I could be an Intellectual Muslim Guerilla. Sadly, after September 11, McAuliffe retired the band. But he’s still making music, and his IMG collection is still available. Check out Hey Neo-Salafi!

Hey! Hey!heyHey! Neo-Salafi!
the past meets the present in a conflict of ways
mass delusion fosters puritanical ways
the orthodox joy in retreat and unknown
tunnel vision substitutes for singing that song

big oil fuels the dispersal of “grace”
harsh look judgment call no smile on the face…

Can I get a takbir? Allahu Akbar!

Thanks to H.N. for the link.

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