MNRTF Ballot Passed The link

MNRTF Ballot Passed

The link is to Rails to Trails, a very hardwording non-profit boosting trail initiatives nationwide.

If you visit parks in Michigan, be they local, county or state, you’ve benefited from the MNRTF. There’s hardly a single significant park acquisition or expansion that hasn’t been partly funded through this program. I voted for the ballot proposal, but I do have a little concern about it. It swelled the cap for money into the fund from gas and mineral exploration revenue, which is great. But the heart of the proposal is to allow the state to invest MNRTF funds in the market, the same way the state is allowed to do for pensions. To me, that means the funds could lose money if when the stock market goes south. Park funding is the last thing anyone will worry about if the market really tanks, but still.

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