Malaysian students abroad spent RM6

Malaysian students abroad spent RM6 billion this year. That’s almost USD 2 Billion, the great majority of which is spent in the USA. That’s quite an expenditure that US colleges and universities undeniably benefit from. The University of Michigan charges upwards of three times in-state tuition to international students. Why then, did the US Consulate not renew visas for 150 Malay students coming back from visits home? The Malaysian government has been very co-operative in the War on Terror, arresting scores of suspected jihadis back home and affirming the US’s right to prosecute the war. Some goodwill all that cooperation gets. Add to that the humiliating embassy closures on Sept. 11 for unspecified threats and it all gets maddening. Maybe I’m just selfish – everytime Malaysia gets in the news, I know I’ll receive that much more scrutiny next time I cross customs.

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