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So I was having this conversation with an atheist from Russia about how I wanted to live in Malaysia. I can’t blame him his perspective; he’d moved from arguably the worst place on earth to arguably the best. So he told me this story. I wasn’t swayed, mind you, but it bears repeating:

A man dies and goes to heaven. Heaven is fine, if a little dull. After some time, Satan arrives. He invites him to come visit Hell and the man accepts. For three days, they smoke and drink and dance and womanize non-stop. But when the three days are up, the man decides to return to Heaven. Back in Heaven things are dull again as usual. After a long while, Satan returns and invites him to visit again. Again they have a roaring good time down in Hell, but after three days, the man returns to Heaven. Finally, after a very long time, Satan returns again, but this time tells him if he wants to come to Hell again, he’ll have to stay there permanently. The man had been desperately waiting for the chance to go again and agrees.The moment the man sets foot in Hell, devils grab him from every side, stretch him out over the flames and start skewering him with their pitchforks. The man cries out, “Satan, what happened?

Satan replies, “C’mon, don’t you know the difference between tourism and immigration?!

Heheh. Well, I thought it was funny. OK, you had to have been there.

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