First, a quick update on the travel plans: After the shock of The Midnight Fax wore off, we were able to get in touch with the university and plead for mercy. Their hearts were not unmoved, and gave as a month reprieve to set our affairs in order. So for the moment, our departure looks like it will be immediately after Eid al-Fitr, or a week after Thanksgiving. Thus the unabated blogging.

Islamic Graphic Arts

I was happy to learn of the firm of Culver Whiteman, CWDM. They are graphic artists specializing in Islamic art, but have interesting work in architecture and music on display as well. Clients include Zaytuna Institute, Islamic Texts Society, Green Street Books, Muslim Academic Trust, Iqra Trust, and, like, everybody else. Talk about your well-kept secrets.

Qasida Again

When I talked about the Qasida Burda last time, I failed to mention the company that actually produced the whole affair, Sandala. If you’re not sure whether to purchase a copy or not, go here first. The website is beautifully designed, and has links to sample audio files from the CDs. I’d link directly to the audio, but the site is all Flash. In any case, going in through the portal and navigating the site is more fun. If you’re already sold, people in the UK can go to the aforementioned Green Street Books.

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