A Home in Kuching

I resigned from my job yesterday. What a great feeling. I’d been there over two years, which is the longest I’ve ever worked anywhere. It was a good job; people were friendly and relaxed, and I could go to Friday prayers without any hassle. I probably wouldn’t have left for any other reason than this move.

One top priority was to find a place to stay once we arrive in Kuching. We have a few friends in town, but asking them to put up a family of four for more than a few days is asking a lot. We need to be settled as soon as possible for our sakes too. Alhamdulillah, we were able to find a place that [I think] will work. It’s more than a little amazing to be able to house-hunt like this from 12 time zones away! But Sarawak is online, brother. After finding the place through the Sarawak online want-ads, SR made the initial contact by phone. After that, we were basically able to follow up just using email. The property manager sent us over some pictures and even scanned a little hand-drawn map and sent that too. Here’s the place we settled on:

It’s a townhouse with a walled-in front and back courtyard and a little balcony on the second floor. The surroundings are a little bare since it was just built; we’ll be the first tenant. I was hesitant to commit without seeing it myself, but a few friends were kind enough to go have a look at it, and gave it the thumbs up. OK, house down. Job still to go…

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