Strategic Forecasting courtesy of Mattel™
Strategic Forecasting courtesy of Mattel™
If I’m going to buy my child war toys, I can’t really get hung up on the real-world parallels. Either it’s make-believe or it isn’t, right? Still, I swallowed hard when I looked at the sticker set for these green and gray soldiers. I wonder when it was exactly that little plastic army men went from being Stars ‘n’ Stripes vs. Hammer and Sickle to Stars ‘n’ Stripes vs. Crescent and Star? After Huntington’s book? After the First Gulf War? After they started manufacturing these things in some sweatshop in Communist China? That’d be a clever switch on their part, wouldn’t it? What I really want to know is, if my son decides to make the Crescent and Star team win, will the FBI come after him?

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