Behold the Power of Cheese

My stomach had been upset since the morning so I hadn’t eaten a thing when I stepped into a supermarket for a few items I can’t get at the neighborhood kedai runcit. As I wandered through the aisles, my eye fell on the farthest corner of the refrigerated section, where, past the cheezwiz-type spreads and palm-oil fortified butter, there lay a brick of Kraft Cheddar Cheese. My mouth salivated instantly. I had pledged to myself to forego such things. Western foods are easily available, but are quite expensive compared to local foods. Besides, if I wanted an American lifestyle, I might as well have stayed in America, right? But with my stomach growling, the excuses came on. At 6.50RM a 1/2 pound, it only costs $1.70US. That’s at least 30 cents less than I used to pay back home! My friends in Michigan, Kraft is ripping you off. Into the basket it went.

This morning, being Labour Day, our children let us rest longer than usual. Upon rising, SR whipped up five eggs, diced up some bean sprouts, tomatoes, greens, onions and garlic, sauteed them with some precious basil and oregano she presciently packed from our Dearborn kitchen, and we had ourselves a proper cheese omelette. It was wonderful. I had caved in, but four months was a pretty good run. Nonetheless, principles are principles, and it’s back to nasi lemak, at least for a few more months.

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  1. salam. i’ve enjoyed reading your anecdotes of an expat in Malaysia, because it reminds me of what I miss the most about home!

    Keep on blogging

  2. When I was in Austin, I vowed to eat like the Americans (halal, that is). After 3 days of IHOP, Subway , seafood and vegetable.. I had enough! Lucky me for the Pakistani restaurant..I never thought rice and curry could be that yummy!

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