This muslim votes Green

I’ve mentioned before how ridiculous it was for the major Islamic organizations in the US (CAIR, MPAC, etc.) to endorse Bush in 2000. I could only imagine that they did so out of fear that the US might get a Jewish VP. How they expected the Golden Child of the Oil and Guns businesses to have a fairer dealing with the Middle East I don’t know, but the real crime is that they completely ignored Ralph Nader and the Green Party. Nader, an Arab-American, who promised to eliminate all aid to Israel if elected! Remember, justice in Israel is the one single issue that the Bloc Vote Mafia has always urged Amercian muslims to vote for. That’s water under the bridge now, but I bring it up because I just read an interesting article called Islam and the Greens. It’s an article by a Green Party strategist who is

suggesting the possibility that Greens and Muslims might somehow collaborate as parallel, overlapping movements of liberation from the dominance of capital.

[via Planet Grenada, the archives of which I’m still poring over]

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