Last month we had a special visitor all the way from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sister Nzingha with her mother and four children on their summer holiday. Part of her visit to Malaysia was two weeks in Sarawak, during which we were able to meet with her on a few occassions. Nzingha gave a gift to my wife of one of those stylish yet modest bathing suits that you may have been hearing about.

Jihad and RidhwanThe mob at the Waterfront

Our children are of roughly similar ages so it worked out well as a play date, while allowing us a chance at adult conversation, in American english no less. Ridhwan and Jihad struck it off well. I had been telling Iwan that he would have a chance to practice all the Arabic he’s been learning at school, so Ridhwan gathered up the length and breadth of his learning and counted to ten in Arabic for Jihad. Not to be outdone, Jihad replied back by counting to ten in Bahasa that he had learned from their Indonesian maid. It was a real meeting of the minds.

Nzingha and family had a number of exciting adventures while they were here. In fact, she probabaly saw more of Sarawak in two weeks than I’ve managed to see in two and a half years! There’s plenty more to see though, so maybe we’ll get another visit next year with Brother Yahya too…

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  1. Br Zayn, just read your link to the 3RF! Wish you could write more posts here. Keep coming back to this old post…

  2. Salams,
    just wondering if you could forward a message to Nzingha?
    Tell her her friend Rabea just wants to send salams
    and her email address. You can forward her my email.

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