Merdeka by Petronas

The most riveting programming on Malaysian TV is the advertisements. Not the advertisements exactly, but the public service announcements put out around holiday times by the major national companies like Perodua, Telekom, and Petronas. Petronas has really outdone itself this year with a wonderfully nuanced and introspective look on nationhood here at the eve of Malaysia’s 50th anniversary of its independence. The acting, the direction, the storyline are all so so good. Non-malaysians, it is subtitled so have a look.

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  1. Aaah, October is just around the corner. I remember the Petronas adverts. They’re unforgetable. When I lived in Malaysia, I used to look forward to them every year. There was always something new, some refreshing insight into the lives of Malaysians. Some even brought tears to my eyes. It’s good to know they haven’t stopped making them.

  2. why not make new movie about how all of human in the world make an idea to create war whole country by writtten out on a book the way how to make bom and nuclear . after we have peaceful country next fews years than everyones country , enermies can play gun and bom with our land because human learned about technology of nuclear but us not great enough to show off to the world like others . we must standby for our future too incase of our people loose conscious about mouth war protection and avoidance . once mouth play war , attitude also will move forward to make it real war as in egypt country last time who are better in sains last time due to peaceful land they get disaster from war high technology country . we must have book about these sains topic . stop all fashion movie . moved forward to future planned to stop more war in movie . the more we show how people get killed due to war , the more war census never end whole world .

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