Mawlid Nabi 2008Mawlid season has come and gone once again and I’ve only now had the chance to put a little something together.
This time, I’ve got some fresh video clips, and new this year, an audio recording of our Kuching mawlid recital.

Listening to Mawlid Dibai

It’s almost two hours long, and incomplete, with the last half-hour or so missing due to my little mp3 recorder tiring out. And the sound quality is uneven. And we are strictly an amatuer operation. So bear all that in mind if you decide to download the 75MB file. We are reciting from a prayer book originally printed in Singapore at least twenty-five years ago, that includes Mawlid Diba’i, Mawlid Barzanji, and litanies of duas and zikrs. This evening, we recited a litany followed by the Mawlid Diba’i followed by what is essentially a catechism of obligatory knowledge set to poetry, including the Attributes of Allah, the attributes of Nabi Muhammad, the names of the known prophets and angels, the family tree of Nabi Muhammad, and so on. Enjoy the recording, and inshallah enjoy it more by getting a copy of the mawlid and reciting it yourself!

Video: Marhaban Ahlan wa Sahlan Ya Rasul

Video: Muhammadun Mutahharu


Shaik Abdul Khafid, the man behind Red Sulphur and the rad “____ Muslims against Terrorism” banners that have spread far and wide, translated Muhammadun Mutahharu years ago. Here is his translation:

You are like the full moon, nay you are brighter
Your face is like fine water that drips

O Ornament of the World, O Aim of Hopes
Who has ever perceived a face such as yours?

No descendant of Eve from the essence of Adam
And none in the Eternal Heavens is similar to you

Your first is the sun, your second a star
The circular and luminous full moon is your third

And your fourth is camphor, your fifth ambergris
Corundum your sixth, the rest of you gems

Your five fingers refers to five tidings
They aim at the signs, so observe

Your middle finger is Abu Bakr, ‘Umar the ring finger
‘Uthman the smallest finger, ‘Ali the thumb

His forefinger is the seal of the Messengers, Muhammad
And that is none else save a Prophet, purified

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and the Ka’abah is my Qiblah
My religion is more exalted and honoured than other religions

Mediate for me, Messenger of Allah, Allah is Merciful
There is no god save Allah, Allah is Great

Blessings of Allah for every day and night
Upon Ahmad, the Chosen One, the Purified

There is a small Flickr Set of the Event.

Listening to Mawlid Dibai 3

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  1. Masha’Allah I believe you’re reciting from the book printed under the instruction of Ustaz Taha as-Suhaimi. This mawlid together with the nazams was compiled by Ustaz Taha’s grandfather, Shaykh Muhammad as-Suhaimi.

    I did an english translation of the Muhammadun Mutahharu nazam a long time back. You can find it here .

  2. That’s fantastic, Shaik! I’ve added it to the post above; I hope you don’t mind. You may be right about the publisher/author. I’ll try to scan the title page and add that too.

  3. Salam Bro! Go ahead and use the translation! Yeah I met Ustaz Taha when I was 14 and became his student. Every week we’ll recite the mawlid twice, Barzanji on Thursday nights and Daiba’i on Sunday nights. And I’m pretty sure we used the same books that you were using in this particular mawlid. Even the tune of the nazam’s similar. I’m surprised that this mawlid reached Sarawak! Masha’Allah.

    JazakAllah khair bro, this brought back a lotta good memories alhamdulillah.

  4. Beautiful presentation above. Thank you for your presentation, it was nice being able to experience it without being there.

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