wb7061-masala_org “But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are tastefully accoutered in raiment seamlessly blending East and West, that are contemporary yet timeless, daring yet refined, modest yet sophisticated, and i think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as sartorially fabulous, I get worried. I get nervous.” – Juan Williams, NPR Senior Political Commentator

No, that’s not what he said. He said our muslim garb makes him worried and nervous. A regrettable statement, but you know, it hasn’t always been easy finding good muslim garb in the dar-al-harb, and that may account for why Mr Juan Williams catches himself feeling nervous and worried on the airplane. Have you ever asked yourself how your tacky off-brand muslim garb is making other people feel? Surely you know someone, maybe even yourself, whose garb just doesn’t grab you. The garb on their head doesn’t coordinate with their beltgarb or their footgarb, or their garb is in last seasons colors, or their muslim garb on top clashes with the kafir garb on their legs. Alhamdulillah, now there are options! Next time you need to islamically garb yourself in some muslim garb, satisfy your garbing needs from the best online garbmonger around: Shukr Islamic Clothing


[I’ve been drooling over their catalog for years, finally made a purchase. Everything went smoothly considering they are shipping to Borneo. Highly recommended. I hope they have a sense of humor.]

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  1. Why is it always garb? It’s the strangest thing. We don’t wear clothing? I can’t even hear that word now, it’s lost all meaning, nothing left but the sound of it: garb garb garb garb

    Ooh another one: “brand” of Islam! I don’t how the New York Times latched on to this one, but somewhere we are all in a product line-up now or something. Sufi brand, conservative brand, ack! I appreciate them not wanting to use a loaded christian term here like denomination, really I do, but brand? brand brand brandbrandbrand *shudder*

    Don’t know why those links are all stricken through. They should all work.

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I have lots of garb from Shukr. You know what other word I hate? Head gear! Its a scarf people…a regular scarf..the same one you wear around your neck as a fashion item..we just lift it up and put it on our head..gasp..then it becomes head gear.

  3. Got to give our own HijabMan credit for setting up a site with exactly that purpose in mind years ago, the old Muslim-A-Day.com, resurrected too late to save Juan Williams’ career as Muslim365. Send your photos of muslims being muslims, preferably while wearing things, in his direction.

  4. Hah!

    At one time, they offered this AMAZING Ottoman three-piece suit, with the jacket an impeccably stylish blend of sportcoat and juba. Put a fez on that and ladies would swoon and doors would open, I’m sure of it. Sadly, wool is just impossible to wear in the tropics, and it’s since been discontinued.

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