Synopsis of the upcoming sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar:

Sulley continues to grow and mature as a Na’vi. We explore the wondrous beauty of the planet with him and the nuances of Na’vi society. But he begins to see aspects of the Na’vi he never noticed before that trouble him. He notices conflicts within the tribe that he tries to solve. But his solutions are not apt and they are not welcomed. He finds he still cannot communicate in Na’vi the way born Na’vi can, and at night, he dreams in English. Images of his former life flash before his eyes. Then a major crisis affects the tribe, and his advice is not solicited. The solution put forward by the tribe requires a significant military role on his part. He disagrees with the strategy and sees major flaws. Nonetheless, he agrees to participate, as his standing in the tribe is at stake. In the ensuing action, the strategy works and the crisis is resolved but Jake himself suffers a fatal injury as a result of misunderstanding the plan due to a nuance in the Na’vi tongue. The screen fades to black as Jake stares dying into the distant stars. THE END.

Originally posted at TalkIslam where I can no longer post for some reason, recycled in an oblique contribution to this discussion.

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  1. As he lay there bleeding and reciting shahada maybe Jake glimpsed the significance of his martyrdom, because that’s what that right there is. The boy did good, he done good. I still hate avatar.

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