Granfalloon (n) : “A proud and meaningless association of human beings.” A word coined by Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) in his book Cat’s Cradle. I was recalling the concept recently for some reason but couldn’t bring the term to mind. There it is: A granfalloon. The idea is illustrated in the book by a woman from Indiana who is just thrilled to meet Hoosiers everywhere she goes, a Hoosier being a name for people from the state of Indiana, but the shared qualities she recognizes in Hoosiers exists only in her own mind. Thanks, Kurt.

3 thoughts on “Granfalloons

  1. There being an important (yet often blurry) distinction, of course, between shared qualities and shared experiences (and their effects).

  2. Yeah! Hey I know you’re really into genealogy – do you use any particular software to keep track of everything?

  3. I’ve tried lots of different software and find most of the ones that are freely available are pretty good. I particularly like RootsMagic. I use the free version, RootsMagic Essentials, which to me has everything I need.

    Mostly, though, I’m still using a dizzying variety of Word documents and other files that can be confusing but present the data in just the way I like.

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