Two of my three amazing and talented sisters visited me a few months back.  To get here they had to layover in Jeddah for 8 hours.  I was worried sick they'd get harrassed by the Mutaween or just have an icky time in general and was working on my "we think they're crazy too" speech.  Turns out it's just like any other international airport, according to them, except more boring.  With little to do and eight hours to kill, they picked up a local newspaper and discovered an awkward and disturbing ode from an 8th grade girl to another big brother named Zayn:

Who was aged five when I was born

Who hid my toys and broke my dolls

Who avoids me at school all day

Who tolerates my teenage years in every way!

Who makes me laugh only once a year

But makes me cry every single day!

Who beats me for no reason

Who fights with me for every reason!

Who feels happy when he intercedes

Who feels sad when he has to cede!

He loves me the most anyways

He's my brother Zain, the best in every way!


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