The biggest annual national spelling tournament in Malaysia is Spell-It-Right. Starting early in the year, several of my daughters had participated in rounds starting within the school itself and moving to wider competitions from there.  Inattentive father that I am, I didn’t realize this was the big day, the State Finals, when I dropped Kak Yang off in the morning.  She thought it finished at 12, so when I rolled up at 12.30 to fetch her I was surprised to discover that my daughter had made it into the final round.  From a pool of 100 children that morning, she was one of 10 to advance.  From there things became significantly more intense. The rest of the story is told in the slideshow that you can watch by clicking the first photo.

The dedicated and hardworking English teachers of SK(A) Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir Hassan were there to encourage their students to the end and deserve the lion’s share of the credit.  Stay tuned to this website for results from the Nationals in October.

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