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Kuching Modern: A Windshield Survey

Residential buildings in Kuching have a very different look in general compared to Michigan. Everything here is built from slabs and columns of poured cement instead of timber framing, and townhouses and duplexes (AKA terraces and semi-D’s) predominate over single family homes (AKA detached or “bungalows”).  But over the last ten years, there have been dramatic changes in the style and appearance of the new housing stock toward a more Modern look, all the more noticeable since the city is booming and new developments are going in left and right.  It is most obvious in the roof lines, with the old vaulted hipped roofs and concrete tile replaced by flat or single-pitch roofs with metal decking.  Below, in no particular order, are the results of my unofficial Windshield Survey of Modern Kuching Architecture, based on whatever jumped out and caught my eye as I motor around town.  Kuching people, clue me in on any noteworthy homes I’ve missed!


So I had a flash of panic as it occurred to me that maybe Michigan has also trended toward modern-y homes since I’ve been gone and as usual I’m way back behind the trend.  I needn’t have worried:

new homes in michigan

new homes in michigan