A kitten adopted us this Ramadan. I wasn’t eager to take in another cat but one should feed a hungry guest, what more during the fasting month.

Once Winnie ingratiated herself with our cat Oyen it was decided she could stay.

One fine Saturday morning AbangChu wakes me with the news that Winnie was stuck in a tree.  The coconut tree.  Oyen had been chasing her around the yard and up up up she went. Now, it is a minor miracle that when God gave the tropics coconuts, He gave it bamboo too.  A length of bamboo, a bucket and a ball of twine and I had an improvised rescue apparatus.  Winnie was unimpressed with an empty bucket so:

The whole time Abang Oyen hovered anxiously nearby.

I tried cat food. I tried tuna fish.  In the end, it took a nice piece of Ibu’s fried chicken to get her in the bucket.


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