No God But God

… and Reza Aslan is the Author. Tight composition, fast pacing, authoritative tone: it’s no surprise it was a bestseller.  Of politics and history it is a good introduction for the non-muslim.  But if the intent was to present a vision of how muslims should understand their faith under the challenge of modernity, it falls way… More No God But God

Review: Crusades through Arab Eyes

by Amin Maalouf  Not only did our troops not shrink from eating dead Turks and Saracens; they also ate dogs! Documentation of rampant cannibalism among the Franj comes from the Franj themselves, but the historical accounts from Arab witnesses are what makes this book so enjoyable: the cannibalism, the elective surgery by battle-axe, the trials-by-ordeal,all… More Review: Crusades through Arab Eyes

Fruits of A Common Word

A number of publications, including one by Habib Ali Al-Jifri, are available for free from the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre’s Common Word intiative which has been hosting a series of ground-breaking Catholic-Muslim forums. [via Seeker’s Guidance]

There and Back Again

I’ve returned from my vacation to the US. I couldn’t get any critical distance from which to write or observe while I was there; I was too busy enjoying being back. I did manage to take a lot of pictures though. You can view them in this Flickr set, America 2007. The most pleasurable aspect… More There and Back Again