John Walker Lindh Revisited

You should read Tom Junod’s article “Innocent” about John Walker Lindh.  It’s probably the first serious story written about JWL in years.  I had been meaning to link to the blog of another Sulayman, who has a thorough biography of JWL.  It complements the Junod article well.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed […]

About Me (and John Walker Lindh)

When John Walker Lindh’s story first broke, I remember reading about it and thinking, Good Lord, he could be my brother. I put together the chart below as one of my first web projects. It feels dated now somehow. Maybe people don’t even remember who John Walker Lindh is. Here is what I wrote about […]

John Walker Lindh has joined

John Walker Lindh has joined the ranks of Bonnie and Clyde and Billy Jo and Bobby Sue: misguided American outlaws immortalized in music. What can I say – I kind of like the lyrics; its too bad its about him, as Laz-e-boy said. Billy Jo and Bobby Sue are maybe the closest to the suburban […]