rain vs. RAIN

It’s Tuesday the 21st now, and I was just getting ready to upload a little note I wrote two days ago about how pleasant the daily rains have been and how good the drainage system is here. As I began to get online, the sky broke open and dropped great torrents of rain, completely flooding the parking lot within five minutes time. An announcement came over the PA and everyone ran to move their cars. The rain was at door height as I motored out of the lot. I found high ground at the end of the lorong, or lane. By the time I walked back, the water was up to my knees. A friend told me my car should be safe for a few hours, if the rain doesn’t get any heavier. It’s still raining right now. From SR’s seventh floor office, I can see canals overflowing, playfields completely underwater, lorongs impassable.

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  1. Do you realize how cold it has been here? My outside thermometer read -15 yesterday morning. There is a cold front hanging around over the plains that just won’t let go. Glad you arrived safely. But I do not care to hear about heat and sunlight. I attended a class on gardening for the rouge river yesterday. More about it later. with my love.

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