Fried Green Tomatoes?

We were walking through the night market last night when, amid all the other fruits and vegetables, I saw a guy hawking from the back of his van what appeared to be big green-beans, chopped and marinated. Pickled green-beans, I thought; just like Dad makes. I few steps closer and I see that those are not beans protruding from the end of the pods: they’re moving. Get ’em while they’re fresh, the guy says. It was some kind of sea-cucumber, A fleshy pale worm housed in a rigid green tube. SR had never seen it before either. How is it cooked, she asks. Oh, you can saute them, cook them in soy sauce, stir-fry, any way you like, the guy says. Now, I’ve got a pretty strong stomach, and I consider myself an adventurous eater. I’ve had roasted sheep’s head, boiled cowhide, raw fish, squid, you name it. But this I had to pass on. Maybe if we had it served to us first…

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