Before the First Day of KindergartenMy son just finished his first month of school. It’s a nice little Islamic preschool with about thirty other kids. The curriculum is fairly light, as you would imagine for a bunch of 4-6 year-olds. But they manage to teach abc’s, prayer instruction, aliph ba ta’s, and so on, in between snacks, play breaks and naps. In the afternoon there’s an optional tahfiz Quran class that we also signed him up for. He really likes it, though the day is long for him. All the children wear a little uniform. The day before his first day at school he tried it on; he was so proud.

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  1. Aww Sweet Masha-Allah. My husband’s niece started pre-school on the 12th of Jan this year and it’s also at a private Islamic school. She even wanted to go on Saturday’s to the school, that’s how much she enjoyed it

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