Berjayalah Taskiku!

ABIM, the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement, is one of the oldest and strongest Islamic NGOs in Malaysia today. Founded in 1972, ABIM is influential on the national stage in lobbying for Islamic policies. It is the leading component organization in PEMBELA, an Islamic affairs pressure group. But its most recognizable effort on the ground is… More Berjayalah Taskiku!

Abang Long’s graduation

Abang Long has matriculated. In November, having successfully completed the necessary requirements of kindergarten, Long was graduated from Taski Abim, Seri Wangi branch. And, as befits such an accomplishment, a ceremony was held for him and his classmates at the Dewan Pustaka dan Bahasa. Parents are of course suckers for seeing their kids in this… More Abang Long’s graduation


My son just finished his first month of school. It’s a nice little Islamic preschool with about thirty other kids. The curriculum is fairly light, as you would imagine for a bunch of 4-6 year-olds. But they manage to teach abc’s, prayer instruction, aliph ba ta’s, and so on, in between snacks, play breaks and… More Taski