The hotel district skyline as seen from the waterfront
The hotel district skyline as seen from the waterfront
Here’s a few shots from the Kuching Waterfront, the biggest tourist attraction in town. It runs for about a kilometer along the Sarawak River, from the historic wharf district with its wet market and shophouses to highrise hotels and shopping malls on the far end. One lovely thing about Kuching is that from almost any point in town it is possible to see tree-covered mountains in the distance.

There was a very famous man-eating crocodile around here known as

Gambier Market as seen from the waterfront
Gambier Market as seen from the waterfront
Crocodile statuary at the water's edge
Crocodile statuary at the water's edge
Bujang Senang, the carefree bachelor. The name evokes the same feeling to me that the “merry widow” does in English. Crocodiles possibly lurking in the water doesn’t stop the river from being used for all sorts of events, including longboat races that were held here a few weeks back.

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  1. niah? dun think so. sounds like sungai rajang area where there are man-eating crocodiles there. besides, not the first time it has happened.

    there is even a legend of a 30 ft white croc living in the rivers. scary huh?

  2. I think public tranposrt Kuching need to be improved as soon as possible. It is very inconvenience for people like me, who cannot afford to get a car in order to get around the city!

  3. Glad to see you back…Thanks for the pics!! I haven’t made it down to Kuching or anywhere in Sarawak yet, but maybe soon.

    Speaking of crocodiles in Sarawak…there is an absolutely horrifying VCD available for sale in Sabah (at least in KK), and I assume Sarawak, that includes home video footage of a young boy’s assorted body parts being dissected out of a huge, recently killed buaya. The title suggests the video was taken in Batu Niah, Sarawak. I hope to never see or hear of it again…it haunts me to this day.

  4. Nice pictures.
    But I was quite sad to hear that the wet market @ Dockyard will be pulled down soon to give way to modernization.

    Hmm.. maybe one day I should go there and take some pictures for record, especially the old Telekom Publication Signboard on one of the shophouses, the barber my grandpa used to frequent and the old bus station.

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