Pop Shuvit Reads BGP

Some time ago, I wrote an appreciation of the traditional Malay music form of Dikir Barat and it’s similarity to hip-hop. By way of contrast, I made some generally derogatory comments about Malaysian rap music, singling out the group that was freshest in my mind, Pop Shuvit. (Or were they? I may in fact have gotten them confused with the equally silly Too Phat. My bad!)

I was a little surprised to get some hate mail (In future, if you want your outrage at my opinions about hip hop to be taken seriously, you MUST run them through the Snoopinator first, to ensure proper gangster patois. Fo’ shizzle!). But I was stunned when I got a comment from JD of Pop Shuvit himself!!! OMG!!! That’s, like, better than an autograph! Such a nice guy too, very complimentary. If the internet works this well, next I’m going to write about Siti Nurhaliza! Just goes to show you, you never know who might end up reading your stuff on the internet. I suppose I should remember that the next time I want to write something critical, like about the leader of the free world, for example.

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  1. Nice redesign of your website. It looks pretty cool now.

    Hey, thanks for putting such a good word for me. I’d hav e to agree with you, the Internet rocks!!! We owe a lot to the Internet, ranging fro our US deals and some othe rstuff which hasn’t been confirmed at the moment. Does Siti surf the Net? I hope she does with all the TMNet endorsements she’s doing. Cheers mate!!!

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