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Sharon Gallagher is white but she knows what it is like to be part of an ethnic minority. For the past 18 months she has lived with her three children in the predominantly Asian district of Manningham in Bradford. This was once a white area, but over the past 30 years most of the whites have left; today Manningham is home to Pakistanis and Bengalis, halal
butchers, Islamic book stores and mosques. And it is home to the Gallaghers. They are the only white family on their street and one of the last left in

Putera Buana forwarded me this great article from UK’s Gaurdian. For the kids in the neighborhood, you’re either a Paki, that is, a muslim, or a Porkie, that is, everybody else. I also grew up as a white minority, in Detroit, so I giggled to read the 11-year old son in the family say

know they have troubles in places like Detroit,” Jake
tells me, “but if a white person from there came to
Manningham for a week they would come home crying.”

I never had trouble getting along though. I had more animosity for the white folk who had fled the city than I did for the black people who I lived among. And the only violence I ever received was at the hands of white Detroiters. That’s beside the point anyway, since Jake’s take is a little off. Manningham isn’t like Detroit, despite what he may think from listening to too much Eminem. Jake and his sister’s experience is probably closer to white kids in Dearborn or Hamtramck, where the majority population is or is fast becoming muslim. And it’s his sister’s story that is really amazing: she wants to be a muslim. The full article is here.

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  1. amen detroit or maninghim or were ever it its we have never heard of it, but thay have heard of detroit. my best frien [bin gregory] and myself are extremly well adjusted for life in a new age of race mixing. bur maby its not grow ing up in a “bad area” or “deadford” but maby we can thank owr lovey parents who gave use compassion for all our brothers and sisters. its up to us to spread love. cuz mom told me too. and i do what she says. happy early b-day Z. love Chanol

  2. you obviously haven’t heard abt all the hoopla abt the noise regulations in hammtramck lately. it’s fast becoming a mulim city with all the asian inmmigrants flooding in & the polish ppl feel a bit overwhelmed with their rapid population. so, the mosque wanted to air the azan 5 times a day much to the disgust of the polish community. but the muslims say that they have to listen to all the church bells on sundays coming fr multiple churches. anyways, some nasty words were exchanged at a city council meeting & given the city ordinance & a free country pride, they had to let the mosque broadcast the azan, twice a day. to me…being a muslim, they don’t need to offend the polish community. since the azan is barely heard cos all the traffic running through the city, someone was sugessting beeper for calls to prayer which i do agree. they don’t need to create animosity just because they have the right to it. well.. just to update u on the ongoing things round here.

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