Dreams of Home

So it looks like I won’t be making that trip home to Michigan that I thought I would this June, due to, how you say, irresolvable differences of contractual interpretation between myself and my employer. I’m tempted to give in to sentimentality here and list out all the things I really miss about home, but… More Dreams of Home

It’s Official

I’m going home!  After more than four years living in Kuching, I’ll be making a short trip home for a little vacation.   It’s for three weeks only, from the end of May to the middle of June.   I fly into Chicago to see some old friends and then wend my way to Detroit after that. … More It’s Official

Detroit Tourists

Check out this wonderful story written by my dear Aunt Peggy. It takes place on a street in Detroit that I spent a great deal of time on as a kid, Cass Avenue. The story is published at Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, a website that ties people’s stories to the physical landscape of New York. I… More Detroit Tourists

Islam in Detroit

The University of Michigan Graduate School has a project on the web called Building Islam in Detroit: An Interdisciplinary Study of Muslim Institutions & Collective Spaces. The site is not fully developed yet, but it sounds like a great project, with case studies planned for a number of masajid around town including Muath bin Jabal… More Islam in Detroit