Who among you be Ailanthus, The Witness-Who-Reaches High? If you question, you are elm beaten down by exhaust or calloused feet If you spring up in expectance, you are the frond of Ailanthus Absurd in its giving Of shade to the dreamless street. Who among you be Ailanthus, The Witness-Who-Reaches-High? Who among you be fair… More Witness

Dixie Babylon

Gentle readers, there is a rock band by the name of Cracker, and this band, they have a song where they mention our tree of interest. Solely for the sake of research, I present the lyrics for you below:

Open-Air Museum

By Adrienne Rich Ailanthus, goldenrod, scrapiron, what makes you flower? What burns in the dump today? Thick flames in a grey field, tended By two men: one derelict ghost, One clearly apter at nursing destruction, Two priests in a grey field, tending the flames Of stripped-off rockwool, split Mattresses, a caved-in chickenhouse, Mad Loy’s last… More Open-Air Museum

James Van Sweden

Gardening With Nature by James van Sweden, the foremost american landscape architect of the day along with his partner Wolfgang Oehme. In the first chapter he describes his main influences then goes on to tell how he got started back in l971 when he asked Oehme to help him landscape the backyard of his old… More James Van Sweden