KakUda turned one month old today. I’ve finally gotten around to preparing a picture or two of her. The picture is already two weeks old, and at this age their faces change daily. I was gone on a work trip for 5 days, and I swear she was a new person when I came home. Now I’m leaving tomorrow to Mulu for a week of hacking through the jungle. I wonder what she’ll look like when I return. Meanwhile, KakYang is curious about the new baby in the house. She’s curious what noise KakUda’ll make if she bops her on the belly, or what her shiny eyes feel like.

KakYang is curious about the baby
KakYang is curious about the baby

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  1. Pantai Hospital, Ward C

    Babies talk in Morse
    To angels who tread these corridors

    What beautiful talent we sadly unlearn
    Weary of life’s maze, twist and turn
    Until life itself ebbs to its full and final term
    And we lay in bed, old, weak and infirm

    Only to find ourselves once again speaking
    To angels garbed in light, and with yea, what mighty wings!

  2. Munirah has changed alot, I agree! At first she looked so much like Raudzah’s younger brother. But now I don’t see that. She’s clearly another beauty! How lucky we are to have her in the family!

  3. Mash’Allah…her name suits her…her face is very radiant…she has a slight resemblance to her big brother in the second pic…good work Mom and Dad! Per the Sunnah, it looks like Raudzah must have eaten many melons during the pregnancy…it shows on the baby’s pretty face. 😉

  4. ahh what a lovly child. looks like u have a pattern hear. dear oldest brother of 3 sisters


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