You should go have a look at Living Tradition, a brand new blog advocating for Traditional Islam in North America. It is a collaborative weblog, with Modern Muslimah among the contributors. The team is acting kind of as a watchdog for the brand new Progressive Muslim “movement” and their flagship website, Muslim Wake Up. You might want to start with the opening salvo from last week. The writing is great: clear, strong, and accessible even if MWU and PM don’t mean much to you.
Like a lot of people, I was excited by MWU when the site first debuted. But it wasn’t long before I grew quite disenchanted. I know a lot of people gave up on them when (ugh) Sex and the Ummah showed up. But I’ll tell you what, I bailed before that. Mike Muhammad was more than I could stomach. I’ve got a low tolerance for that kind of pandering self-indulgence from a grown man. But it got much worse after that, to the point where I can’t bear to look. Which is why I’m happy to find a site where I can keep up on developments at a little distance. How bad is the “progressive muslim” agenda? It’s like a convert’s worst nightmare. Just read the very first principle. What is a muslim, according to them? It’s not what you practice. It’s not even what you believe. I quote:

We affirm that a Muslim is anyone who identifies herself or himself as “Muslim,” including those whose identification is based on social commitments and cultural heritage.

If you grew up eating briyani, you’re in, brother. Of course once Islam is defined in terms of cultural heritage instead of faith in God and His Prophet, everything that follows is open to change at any time. Maybe Groucho Marx was an early forerunner of the PMU when he said, “Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

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