Safinatun Naja’ Translated into English

This popular introductory text on Shafi’i Fiqh is now available in English translation. This is the text I had been learning from in Kuching, struggling to learn from an Arabic text with Bahasa Malaysia explanations. This will help me enormously. Translated by Abdullah Muhammad al-Marbuqi al-Shafii, God bless him for his efforts, and graciously made… More Safinatun Naja’ Translated into English

Living Tradition

You should go have a look at Living Tradition, a brand new blog advocating for Traditional Islam in North America. It is a collaborative weblog, with Modern Muslimah among the contributors. The team is acting kind of as a watchdog for the brand new Progressive Muslim “movement” and their flagship website, Muslim Wake Up. You… More Living Tradition

Key to the Garden

In every chapter, he begins his topic with selections from Quran, develops his argument with support from hadith and writings of other shaykhs, and then… concludes with a poem! The effect is quite moving; can you imagine how much more interesting your university coursebooks would have been with the same technique?… More Key to the Garden

Charitable Missions

Metafilter has an interesting thread today about plans by the Southern Baptists to send missionaries to Iraq after the war: “Two leading evangelical Christian missionary organizations said Tuesday that they have teams of workers poised to enter Iraq to address the physical and spiritual needs of a large Muslim population.” I think the interesting question… More Charitable Missions

Islamic Books Online

Hizmet Books has lots of islamic books available for free, some in simple html and some in PDF. The english collection is not great, only about a dozen texts, but they are based in Turkey and have books translated into Bosnian, Albanian, Russian, Uzbek, even Polish! What looked like the best book there in English… More Islamic Books Online

Dalail Khayrat

Now available from Kazi Publications, translated by Hassan Rosowsky with Arabic text alongside, for ten bucks only. Search for “Dalail” from Kazi’s front page and you should find it. Thank you, Hani N!