Bin Gregory Productions is now powered by WordPress. Switching to WP was easier than trying to fix the problem I had in MT, but not by much, I’d say. I’ve still to get my template into shape, and all permalinks are fried, but at least the site is functional, and clearing out the mess MT made will allow me to post pictures once again. Thank you , Menj and Yusuf, for pointing me in this direction.

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Official organ of an American Muslim in Malaysian Borneo, featuring plants, pantuns and pictures from the Malay archipelago. Oversharing since 2002.

7 replies on “Success”

  1. 🙂 Still trying to find a base template to work from. This one is the cousing of yours, btw. I like the look of the the one with the camshot too, but the sidebar is really narrow and I’m not sure I can adjust the width without breaking the layout. I’m gonna try that one again.

  2. Yea, I noticed the resemblance. Teehee, but the font on yours did not quite agree with me, hence the objection. Otherwise, it woud have been OK. With this ‘Camshot’ template, yes, the sidebar is quite small. I think I amended mine too. I don’t like it when I cannot categorised my links properly. I mean, the categorisation option is there but it never work on mine. I tried to change the header image, but failed miserably too. Don’t have time, don’t have the expertise, can’t be bothered with more changes – so I let it stays as it is.

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