Blog Depression

Blog Depression: A public service announcement.

Funny stuff from The Nonist. Of course the material in that pamphlet has nothing to do with my hiatus. No, nothing at all.

The fifth child definitely has marked a change in our household. Each child brought its own thing, but with this one it is different. The house is now so full of activity in every little corner that there is no option but to fully engage from the moment I step in the door to the moment we’re all in bed. It is like every nonessential thing has just been squeezed out of my life, leaving behind only the very most important: job, children, worship, and… Job, children, worship. That’s about it. It has been somewhat ah gotta go. Kid’s crying.

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2 replies on “Blog Depression”

  1. I was wondering why you did not post for so long. Apart from the software problem, this must be the main reason.

    I think I know a bit of what you’re going through. But you must be having a tougher time at it since you have two more and the experiences you’re get with each must also be more since their ages differ widely.

    It must be close to a 24/7 routine you’re having! Thank God for sleep.. those precious little hours we get.


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