Brass Crescent Awards

Eid Mubarak, Selamat Hari Raya Korban! The 6th Annual Brass Crescent Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all the winners. If you haven’t subscribed yet to Islam in China, Muslimah Media Watch and Seekers Guidance, you ought to do it right now. I’m very happy to be mentioned along with Folio, Al-Miskeenah, and the Manrilla,… More Brass Crescent Awards

I could tell you

that I withdrew my blog from the face of the internet for the last three weeks to get holy for Ramadan, but that would be a lie. My domain expired without warning again , leaving to redirect to some tacky ad page, and it took me this long to get the affair straightened out.… More I could tell you

Brass Crescent

Nominations are open for the annual Brass Crescent blog awards organized by AltMuslim and City of Brass. Hurry on down and nominate your favorites. There’s even a brand new category for Best South/Southeast Asia Blog! *cough cough*

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I’ve discovered feeds, only three years late. Better than a bookmark and a blogroll rolled into one, with a feed you can read updates to your favorite sites right when they update, without having to visit the site. If you’re already using feeds, subscribe to my site now. Keep abreast of comments. I’ve even got… More Subscribe to my Feed

Bahrus Shofa

If you read Malay, this is the blog you really should be reading.  Biographies of Malay religious scholars, scans of rare texts and images, impeccably researched opinions on hot islamic topics, all presented in a friendly and approachable writing style. Highly Recommended!