I got the best birthday present ever yesterday: my wife delivered a healthy baby boy on the 9th of November, my birthday and my uncle’s birthday. His name is redacted, born 1.30pm, 3.9kg (that’s a little more than 8 and a half pounds for you non-metric people). We opted for elective C-sec since the baby… More AbangChu

I could tell you

that I withdrew my blog from the face of the internet for the last three weeks to get holy for Ramadan, but that would be a lie. My domain expired without warning again , leaving bingregory.com to redirect to some tacky ad page, and it took me this long to get the affair straightened out.… More I could tell you


I was blessed with the birth of my sixth child this past Thursday the 12th of July. She is a girl, my fifth; she gets the family title KakCik, sixth-born daughter. She was born safe and sound after less than an hour of labour. She and her mother are home and well. SR is enjoying… More KakCik


My wife gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday, 26 June at 11.25pm. She and the baby are both well and have already returned home after one night in the hospital. It was a long and difficult labor but the baby was born naturally, weighing 4.0kg (8.8lbs), our biggest yet. We have named her… More KakAndak