As both of my regular readers are well aware, the major focus of this blog is whatever adorable thing my children happen to be up to at the moment. Nonetheless, I do try to intersperse that with other topics to keep things fresh, and so with that in mind I’d like to share with you this latest bit of news:

I’m expecting my seventh child in November.

Now it’s a funny thing but it seems like no matter when a baby comes along, I can always count on some item in the news making big noise about the coming muslim takeover of the world, and what do you know? This time is no exception. And so, I’d like to add my voice to the call.

My brothers in Islam around the world, have more babies! Each new recruit in the Army of the Lord of Infinite Compassion and Mercy is another infidel shaking in his boots!

O my muslim brothers, make tea for your wives! Our Womenfolk will never be free from the humiliation of the kuffar until they have a nice warm cup of tea in their hands!

around the houseO my muslim brothers, read bedtime stories to your children! Each word read to your children is like the burning fire of the Nar on the ears of the non-believers!

Finally, O my muslim brothers, change those diapers! How can our Ummah rise up from the filth that is dumped on it daily when our little soldiers are walking around with poopy drawers?

Thank you for your attention and may Allah bless you all, Amin.

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  1. LOL! I love it. I’ve changed my share of diapers, but the problem with a ten-month-old is that she is much more easily distracted at that age, deciding that she’d rather turn around on to her tummy when the job’s only half completed (if that). So diaper changing has become a two-person operation, with me being the person who keeps her on her back, one way or another, while mak changes the diaper (usually).

  2. Seven, seven, seven. What a blessed number. Your wife must be a bastion of patience and kindness. I’m sure you are, too.
    How much does uni tuition run in Borneo?

  3. JD – Thanks and may Allah bless your hard work with success inshallah 😉 We definitely had some strugglers, and I don’t mean fi sabilillah, that we had to change with group effort.

    UmmFarouq – eh, she’s all right.

    JUST KIDDING. Yeah, we’re already sweating on the uni score, but relative to income, college is less expensive here than back home, and gov’t grants and loans do exist. But it’s a good incentive for academic excellence: Daddy ain’t footing the bill for 7 bachelor’s degrees.

  4. Masya Allah… congratulations on the latest addition Insya Allah.. :):):) Salams to wife, please do tell her I’m a friend of Reena & Zul, and fellow Perakian.

  5. Thanks Zylia. She’s on facebook, you should add her! I just now told her you would. Go to my FB profile and click on my spouse. (I don’t want to give out her name here – she’s already mortified by the amount of personal disclosure I throw out on this blog.)

  6. Congratulations. You make up for the failure of others.

    As for the cup of tea, you must realise I’ve apologised for that already.

    Anyhow, while I’m hovering: you can come and collect your prize for getting the spinach part right whenever it’s convenient (though it probably isn’t worth the air fare).

  7. Salamu ‘Alaykum,

    Is it wajib to change diapers? Is it makruh if i don’t? I do, but I hate doing it. Besides I prefer the reading to them than the … well you get the picture.

    Masha’allah @ the 7th. I can’t even deal with the chaos of two! May Allah continue to increase you in good and barakah amin!

  8. i’ve been reading this blog since zahidah was a baby. gosh, i feel so old!

    btw, congratulations bro! i hope ridhwan will finally gets a brother! teehee 😀

  9. You have?! Thank you so much. We’re hoping for a boy too of course. I never cared much either way, especially after getting a boy and girl for #1 & #2, but after five girls in a row, it would be nice to wrap things up with another boy. We’ve got a boy’s name already picked out, but can’t seem to agree on a girl’s. My wife says that’s a good sign…

  10. For a moment I thought you were back into acting!

    Now, ‘it would be nice to wrap things up with another boy.’ You should at least aim for equal number of boys and girls in the Gregorian battalion!

  11. Zayn. Mabruk. Man, the 7th!! Ma sha’Allah. May Allah continue to bless you and your ever expansive family. Your kids are just too cute. Norman Rockwell eat his heart out!


  12. 7th? Did you say 7?

    And I thought 3 was a lot.

    Masha”allah…all my best to you and your family. May Allah protect all of you and make it easy for you.

    If the baby is born on November 7th, it will have something in common with me. Two of my girls have November birthdays as well. Great month.

  13. Heh, I’m a November child too, and the projected due date is within a day of my birthday, which is also my uncle’s birthday. Three generations on the 9th of November would be pretty cool.

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